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The Lexmark Connect Partner Program
Partners will find it easy to enroll, easy to follow, and easy to earn available Lexmark benefits in the Lexmark Connect partner program! In addition to regular promotions and financial benefits that motivate partner sales teams to grow and maximize profits, Lexmark Connect is structured to reward partner success. Through its tiered approach, the more you grow, the more you gain from the program. The program provides Lexmark partners unique insights such as: 

  • In-depth education to position you as a trusted advisor to your customers.
  • Convenient, one-stop access to PartnerNet, Lexmark’s dedicated partner portal.
  • High-quality marketing support and co-branded advertising.
  • Valuable rebates and special product promotions.
  • Sales support including demand generation and vertical industry insight.
  • Unique product lines, tailored to your specific path to market.
  • Beyond the box capabilities to further differentiate from competitors.
GeneralInquiries 800-237-8931 ext. 5540345 documentimaging@techdata.com


Lexmark Connect Partner Program Additional Resources

You can learn more about this stellar program and how to become a partner by downloading the resources below.

Lexmark Security by Design

Lexmark makes security an integral part of all their products to help create a safer and more productive environment for business. Modern printing and scanning hardware is connected like never before, offering the potential for integration with your existing technical infrastructure and a revolution in workflow speed, efficiency and accuracy. When connecting any device to a network, it's essential to ask:

  • How is the device protected from security risks?
  • How is the device protected from unauthorized access?
  • What makes an MFP secure when installing it on a network?
  • What information does the device process? And what security considerations are related to that data?

Security is built into every Lexmark product, with standard security features appropriate to each product’s intended use and available options to fulfill special requirements. Learn more about some of these top products below: 

Lexmark in Education

Lexmark has worked closely with school districts for more than 20 years to produce uniquely tailored, education-specific print and software solutions that help districts reduce costs, spend less time on paperwork and more time helping students. Lexmark education solutions resolve print management inefficiencies, address security breaches and threats, and enhance the schools’ operational and process automation functions to tackle unique information challenges. By managing the devices, documents, and content, our solutions, together with those delivered by our software partners, help provide decision makers with the critical information needed to achieve success. 

To learn more, see some of Lexmark’s portfolio in the battlecard, or read about one of their recent education success stories below: 

Lexmark Cloud Services

In the journey to complete digital transformation, many businesses and institutions are shifting to the cloud. With Lexmark’s cloud and fleet management services, your customers can expect a simple, yet effective launch for all their print devices. Help them keep track of all their documents from anywhere and print them as they need them with the right frameworks and Cloud Connectors from Lexmark. To learn more, download a brochure on some of Lexmark’s top cloud services and successes: 


Budgets are shrinking, yet demand for government services is increasing, so doing more with less has never been more critical. What's more, problems associated with paper-based processes add to your customers' workload and cause frustration for their constituents when services are delayed.

Lexmark is uniquely qualified to address these challenges by delivering multi-function printers (MFPs) and devices along with government solutions designed to enhance the power of business applications – no matter the size of an agency or the population that your clients serve. Whether your goal is to speed service, lower operational expenses, prove compliance or support sustainability goals, Lexmark offers a holistic approach to manage the lifecycle of devices, documents and information across the enterprise.

Download the resources below to discover more about how Lexmark can help your government customers succeed.

Lexmark Healthcare Solutions

Lexmark empowers healthcare providers to focus on patient care through specially designed devices. Lexmark also empowers healthcare verticals through integrated workflows made to help capture, communicate and provide continuity for the most important information. Just look at the numbers:

Lexmark has more than 25 years of experience building the technologies that transform information management.

  • More than 3,000 hospitals worldwide use Lexmark technology in delivering care.
  • Over 1 billion pages on average are managed in healthcare environments.
  • Nearly every major pharmacy in the United States prints on a Lexmark device.

To learn more, download a few Lexmark resources and get started in the healthcare market with Lexmark.



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