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Fluency Security

Fluency Security is a premier, cloud-based central log management subscription offering. Born in the cloud era, Fluency far outpaces traditional SIEM log management abilities that fail to capture all proprietary–and signature-based log, host, cloud and network data required by today’s regulations and laws.

Fluency is fully compliant and ensures privacy with all current and future code starting with usage of pseudonyms. Fluency's speed and throughput are unparalleled based on our patented database, correlation and risk scoring methodologies, as well as our in-memory analysis of alerts in a native AWS environment. Fluency provides one of the most cost-effective log management solutions by a factor of 5x with 90-day hot storage and one-year cold storage as part of the base subscription.

Vendor agnostic and designed to run stand-alone or augment legacy SIEM log management tools, Fluency seamlessly integrates into existing SIEM dashboards and consistently ensures privacy and regulatory laws are met.

Fluency's native, cloud-based design and in-memory processing is transforming security analysts from firefighters into proactive threat hunters. Our proprietary approach ensures accurate end-user tracking for forensic analysis, unlike legacy SIEM log management tools and other third-party products. We’re one of the most cost-effective compliant log management solutions available today at 20 percent of the cost of other products resulting in a very quick return on investment (ROI).

SteveCurtiss Security Solution Rep Tech Data 800-237-8931 ext. 84338 steve.curtiss@techdata.com
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