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Eaton's Got Your Back And Your Backup Power

To help you maintain business continuity and prevent downtime, Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of backup power and distribution equipment. With a suite of power management products to enable your customers to monitor and control their power infrastructure, they can be protected from a host of threats including power outages, surges and lightning strikes.

Attaching power equipment is great for your revenue, but the benefits don’t stop there. By attaching power peripherals to your data center sales, you can:

  • Sell the complete solution by simplifying the buying experience and becoming the only place your customers need to shop.
  • Become a trusted power expert by providing your expertise to your customers and gaining account control.
  • Create more touch points like equipment refresh opportunities and helping to manage the products’ lifecycles.

Partner With Eaton

  • Partner Program

    Partner with Eaton today and earn up to 20% in discounts. Learn More

  • Eaton Alliances

    Eaton partners with the industry’s leading IT providers to manage power more efficiently and effectively—a distinct competitive advantage for you. Learn More.

  • Free Onsite Customer Power Assessment
    Offer Tech Data customers this exclusive power assessment valued at $1,500. Learn More.

  • Free Virtual Power Assessment. 
    Offer Tech Data customers this exclusive power assessment valued at $1,500. Learn More.

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