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Cisco Latin America

Welcome to Tech Data Cisco for Latin America. This portal was created with your business needs in mind, showcasing the latest promotions, training sessions, product information and more.

Take some time to explore this portal and its resources. Thank you for trusting Tech Data with your Cisco business

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  • Cisco Solutions

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    Cloud Security: Umbrella
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    Cisco Secure Mobility: AnyConnect

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    Ask sales about our inventory!

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    Cisco Email Security: ESA

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    Cisco Email Security: Meraki SD-WAN (Small Business)

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    Cisco Email Security: Meraki SD-WAN (Mid-Size)

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    Cisco Email Security: Meraki SD-WAN (Enterprise)


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    Cisco Endpoint Protection: AMP


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  • Product Promotions & Incentives

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      For more Cisco promotions, please visit cisco.com/go/promotions.

  • Momentum: Tech Data | Cisco Certification Process

    Momentum is Tech Data's exclusive partner enablement and education tool. Whether you’re looking to take your business from registered to select, or are ready to tackle an advanced architecture specialization and pursue Cisco gold partnership, Momentum has the information you need to execute on your goals.

    Tech Data understands the intricacies and opportunities of Cisco partnership and can utilize Momentum to map out a custom path for each individual Cisco journey.

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     iot security


  • Learn the Basics With CORE

    Need to schedule a training with the Tech Data Cisco team? We offer a wide selection of trainings designed with your needs in mind. See below a brief list of the trainings we offer.

    Contact CiscoTeamLatam@techdata.com to schedule your one-on-one training today!

    Tech Data Cisco 101

    Learn to navigate Tech Data’s enablement offerings for partners. Gain an understanding of Cisco’s certifications and product offerings along with how to build a successful practice.

    Deal Registration

    Gain access to incremental discounts and promotional opportunities by learning how to use Cisco programs. Earn a competitive edge and maximize future opportunities by understanding the basics of Cisco’s programs.

    CCW Platform

    Learn step-by-step how to navigate Cisco’s deal registration and configuration platform. You’ll be exposed to deal qualification, submission, registration and everything you need to protect your valued Cisco deal. Also explore how to add and share configurations with Tech Data.


    The Cisco Service Contract Center (CSCC) has now been deactivated! Let us show you how to manage your Cisco services quoting and reporting using the new CCW-R tool.


    Gain an understanding of Cisco’s Meraki product portfolio and explore the benefits provided, as well as competitive differentiation.

    Cisco 1 Source

    We've made it easy for you to convert your estimates into quotes, place and track your full order online. Let's connect your Cisco account and enjoy a new Cisco online ordering experience.

  • Upcoming Events

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    Cisco & Tech Data Events:

    • Stay tuned for upcoming web-based events. To make sure you don’t miss out on our emails, contact the Tech Data Cisco LAC team.

    Collaboration SaaS Specialization Training

    Technical Training

    A Tech Data collaboration specialist will cover the main aspects of the 700-680: Collaboration SaaS Exam and help candidates prepare for their certification and move forward with the NFR Collaboration Initiative. This will be a two-day training, and upon completion, Tech Data will present attendees with a 700-680: Collaboration SaaS Exam voucher.

    Central America: Ecuador

    June 2 and 3, 2021: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. EDT




    How to Secure Your Collaboration With Cisco

    Online Technical Demonstration

    Tech Data collaboration specialist and a security specialist will explain how security and collaboration solutions like WebEx, DUO, Umbrella and CloudLock work together to bring the best and most secure experiences to your customers. Along with the technical benefits that our engineering team will cover, they will also present an online demonstration in collaboration with dCloud.

    Central America: Ecuador

    June 16, 2021: 12:15 p.m. EDT


    June 16, 2021: 11 a.m. EDT


    Meraki 360 Lab Training

    Technical Training

    Tech Data’s engineering team will lead a technical session for Meraki partners. It will focus on Meraki full-stack technologies. We will offer the opportunity to practice hands-on abilities with online Cisco Mini Labs along with product and technical sessions.

    Central America: Mexico and Ecuador

    July 7, 2021: 10 a.m. EDT