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Carbonite and Webroot, OpenText companies, harness the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive cyber resilience solutions for businesses, individuals and managed service providers (MSPs). Cyber resilience means having the ability to stay up and running, even in the face of cyberattacks and data loss. That’s why we’ve combined forces to provide endpoint protection, network protection, security awareness training, data backup and disaster recovery solutions. We also deliver threat intelligence services to market-leading technology providers worldwide. Leveraging the power of machine learning to protect millions of businesses and individuals, we secure the connected world. Carbonite and Webroot operate globally across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Discover cyber resilience at www.carbonite.com, www.webroot.com and www.carbonitevirtual.com.

Follow us on Twitter at @Carbonite and @Webroot. 


For every order of Carbonite Server Backup, get five free Carbonite Endpoint Protection licenses added at no cost.

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Tech DataCarbonite Team 1-800-237-8931 ext.5540414 Carbonite@techdata.com
Tech DataWebroot Team 1-800-237-8931 ext. 5540416 Webroot@techdata.com
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